Strategic Research Plan

For years, Canadian universities have been developing strategic research plans (SRP) with the aim of guiding their research endeavours and identifying salient research areas. In particular, these plans guide decision-making in terms of research support and distribution of institutional grants, such as the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Canada Research Chairs.


The Université de Montréal's strategic research plan was updated in 2008. It includes, as part of the University's scientific research planning, three key strategic orientations:

  • To offer, at all levels of study,  intellectual and scientific training of high quality and relevance, tied to new knowledge obtained from research and to practice settings;
  • To integrate research efforts and higher education to mobilizing projects in its areas of excellence and to anchor them in an interdisciplinary and international perspective;
  • To reorganize the University on the basis of its outstanding features and its strengths, while taking into account the resources at its disposal.